lördag 7 mars 2009

Nu pratar vi Gös!

Här kommer det en bild på en monstergös nere från Europa! Bild och text är hämtat från Savage-gear.com (jag tyckte jag hade skapligt pers på 7kg, men denna är drygt dubbelt så stor, hu) /P-O A

Zander Sensation!
Italian Savage Gear consultant, Marco Giudici, is unstoppable – this time he really made a sensational catch!! For a While Marco had been convinced the chosen lake could hold a Record Zander – this weekend he was to prove it! After an eventless day, Marci Sensed some activity in an area close to some floating docks. The fish seemed active in a very small area, chasing a school of roach. Marco rigged up a small dead roach in a “fireball” rig with Softflex wire and 2 P1 size trebles – on a 15g jig head – Marco used a long 15Lbs Spectrum FC tippet – for best possible presentation. As Marco presented the bait in approx 6m depth just under the School of roach, the attack came at once! Immediately Marco could feel it was a big fish – the fight dragging out for a good 10min on the light 7´10g Bushwhacker rod. Once the huge fish came to the surface, Marco could barely get the net under the massive fish – but somehow he managed to land it!! Marco could hardly believe his eyes – the Zander was build like a Carp!! - The monster measured 105cm in length and a whopping 54cm Girth – pulling the scale all the way down, just tipping over 15kg+ - that is an insane size Zander!! Must be some sort of record? After a few fast Photos, the fish was returned unharmed – and Marco was left speech less with a new incredible PB!! We congratulate Marco, with yet another dream fish!

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Anonym sa...

Vart har händerna tagit vägen??? Finns ingen som kan hålla i en så stor Gös med händerna rakt ut. Borde synas att händerna sjunker in i fisken. Möjligen M Samuelsson kan hålla en fisk rakt ut. Ännu ett mixat foto, Fy fan!! Vad ska det här sluta.

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Svenskmastare sa...

Enligt tidningen Fiskefeber så är i alla fall fisken äkta!